Subhashree Mural Wall

Client: Subhashree College, New Baneshwor

The ART: Our Wall Mural is a composition of both Hospitality and Management expressed through a managed event of preparing, serving and experiencing the dining set-up. The alignment of human with animal expression is a gesture of coexistence with various characters and personalities- Lion for Leadership, Fox for Cleverness, Eagle for High Ambition, Dog for Loyalty, Squirrel for Energetic, Cat for Curiosity, Monkey for Wittiness-that every learner aspires to develop through the knowledge, environment and exposure provided. 

The Yellow Background: The whole set-up within the yellow pyramidal form is an expression of a students’ mind mimicking a closed glass bottle trying to reach the brim through unity and harmony.

The Wavy Drapes: The wavy drapes are yet another representation of usual mind-set of students, their dream flying beyond the closed glass bottle- an everyday tussle of feelings to achieve their goals.

The Dining Table: The dining expression with the eatery display of Sushi- is a representation of unique and pleasant food while the Green Salad- is the representation of global food. And the uniquely combined Snake and Ladder with Chess game depicts soaring heights through both success and failure being humble, unique, bold, holistic and accountable and therefore giving a complete meaning of SUBHA meaning luck and reaching SHREE- meaning heights like a Star with a Halo- coming together as SUBHASHREE