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About Us

We are a trusted architectural and interior consultant in Nepal based in Kathmandu. Registered in 2069 BS. (2012 AD) we established this firm with a vision to provide an unrestricted design service to our clients with a mission to achieve great design satisfaction via local integration. 

What do we do?

At Kalpasara we believe that every space should tell a story who you want to be. We test the unconventional yet practical design to create timeless experience and we hope to achieve this by collaboration of various interdisciplinary activities, artists and professionals, utilizing the essence of local material and culture and represent it with décor and craftsmanship. We are the story tellers & creators to craft this ambiance for your senses that you can touch, feel, smell and sight the story and be connected to the place at the moment.

Why should you choose us?

We believe that it is possible to achieve greatness in tiny details and designs that are left ignored than rather being obsessed in achieving greatness in a mass. If we focus on creating in one small work of art than we can achieve two as well. And this in itself creates a masterpiece. And we work very hard to get to there. 


To create one design that is timeless and speaks the heritage of the one who lives within. We intend to do this through the blending of local culture and understanding the heritage of both self and the client.


What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Certification of Recognition as certified “Hotel Planner and Designer” from Cornell University, USA
  • Our team includes highly experienced engineers, supervisors and we operate in a well-coordinated order that are essential for a large scale projects.
  • Out of variety of services we focus and specialize in hospitality section including Hotel Planning and Design
  • Our Architects, Engineers, Project Management Engineers work in close monitoring which has resulted in successful completion of Interior Design, Décor and Styling Projects
  • We believe that art is everywhere, we just need eyes to recognize it. With such belief we put in a lot of effort on Research for combining Local Nepali Artisanal Art/Craft and derive the cultural value from it with available materials and skills in the market.


Some work related experience: 

  • A good concept or project becomes great when it is delivered in time with quality. Such we have a team of well-coordinated qualified and experienced engineers and supervisors who are able to execute and deliver any scale project. Our team includes members who have delivered the most recognized and prestigious projects in Nepal.
  • When time is crucial, our team have challenged themselves and worked around the clock to make things possible which otherwise would not have happened in time.
  • Projects Undertaken:
  • Megauli Taj Safari: We were extremely fortunate to have been invited to be part of design work team during the inception at Megauli Serai, A Taj Safari Lodge in 2015-2016. For the interior design team our task there was to represent the local culture and heritage of the people for which we studied the people, their culture and values. Such we were able to derive the concept the  project with Tharu design concept with a blend of few foreign and modern touch. The most rewarding yet the most difficult part was the time and process which we had spent on research for such products and representable arts that could be used for aesthetic value. The interesting thing is that the artifacts we used were mostly inexpensive items but for this to create we had to search and walk local streets in various parts of the cities, find artists and skills, convince them to create such artifacts and finally make it happen. But we had to keep in balance between the local skills and luxury for the users.
  • The most pleasing part is that these artists still have a warm smile and welcome in their face when we often visit them for recognizing their skill and culture and representing it for them.
  • The Rain Restaurant: Understanding the value of the local products with a contemporary blend we got yet another project to deliver our potential for a Rain Hospitality Team at Kathmandu. The Rain Restaurant: was a modern manifestation of local event called Machindranath Jatra rooted to the place Jawalakhel. We were responsible for the entire project from Design, built and implement


Here are some of our work team who work hard to achieve a great result.

Sushmita Ranjit: Architect

Sushmita is an aspiring and a passionate Architect and has been practicing since 2005. Her hands-on knowledge for architectural built-form, space planning, product designing and site execution over her decade long career has instilled her to gather specific experience to specialize in design and décor for hospitality sector.

Sushmita Ranjit Shrestha

She has a broader perspective on taking her career into creating a meaningful space with a amalgamation of functional yet unique design combined with good interior ambiance for instigating users’ senses (touch, feel, smell, sight) for the space.  She enjoys on an interactive design experience with her clientele, which has resulted in satisfying and nurturing prospective future. She also believes that Architecture is less about mathematics and more about visual connections and emotions that we feel related to the place we spend our time. Like ‘Tying thread to the beads’, design should connect the true essence of where it stands, what it represents and how to carry it forward.

Certification: Hotel Planner and Designer from Cornell University


Mr Gunjan Shrestha

An MBA graduate and a professional with 15 years of experience in the field. He emphasizes that a steady growth is always achievable with systematic implementing of ideas and vision. A small decision at a time with right team will lead to big changes. He oversees the daily affairs and ensures that the teams direction is in line with the underlining vision of the company. He overseas the business operations and logistics of the company for the projects.
Aman shrestha

Ar Aman Shrestha

Along with great designing opportunities, detail drawings provide an in-depth explanation of the geometric pattern of an object’s constituent parts and specifications that tend to assist others in understanding how to accomplish the task. Knowing little details in the drawing allows me to take control of the task and deliver it efficiently to the clients and also for workers engaged with it. Having a harmonious relation with the team at site is another important task to check to keep the project in line and within budget. Such detailings and a good communications between the team both internal and external has greatly helped me to keep the daily progress at site on track such any deviations could identified and rectified quickly.

Niroj Shrestha

Ar Niroj Shrestha

For me, architecture is a bridge that connects space and time, and it is more about discovering new ideas  while referencing the past and designing in the present for the future. I feel that a design begins with hands on drawing and sketching rather than a computer graphics. Sketching not only aids my design, but also aids in connection of the space with its user at the same time. As a drop of water contributes to the formation of an ocean, so does a page of design sketches and ideas contribute to the creation of a good design. I am more adaptable in  even situations that change change at the last minutes, and I adapting accordingly such is what makes working agile.

Mr. Bipin Shrestha

Interior Designer

Ms Nanda Devi Mathema

Furniture and Fabrication, The Goodwill Furniture

Er. Rajkumar Lakhe

Construction Management Consultant, CMS

Ar. Ruchi Bajracharya

Landscape Architect

Er. Adithya Mananda Bajracharya

Structure Engineer Consultant, Tattva Consult