Jana Adarsha School- Thasang, Mustang

Designing a school in Thasang village, Mustang, which is located at an altitude of around 3000m, presented unique challenges due to the cold climate. To overcome these challenges, we focused on maximizing the utilization of sunlight and utilizing local materials in the design.
Additionally, we incorporated multi-layered glass to trap heat and keep the building warm. Another challenge we had to overcome was the limited availability of water, as many sources freeze during the winter. To address this issue, we implemented the use of VIP toilets, which greatly reduced the amount of water required for sanitation purposes

School Hostel design for: Jana Adarsha Madyamik Vidyalaya,  Thasang, Mustang



VIP toilets are designed to make use of solar radiation to activate the stack ventilation system to make the toilets odorless from the decomposition of waste in the pit below. The compost is used as excellent fertilizer for farming. There are two pits in the design, when one is filled it is closed to decompose and the next one is used simultaneously  throughout the year