Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall

Vertical Green Wall or aquaponic as the name clarifies that it is an upright surface with plants on them. The love of greenery is rising amidst the people here. Kathmandu city is being filled with concretes giants guzzling away the green pastures and dense vegetation it once used to have. These Vertical Green Walls are therefore the quick fix, as a replacement for lost green love that one can easily indulge in!


Those who are interested can instantly own one in their home without any hassle.  Or, it can be a nice refreshing plan for those who want to install them in a restaurant or their property. While a thriving and a productive element in an office space who likes taking extra care about their work environment.

There are few important things before you start your project. Like choosing the right plant that suits your weather and environment, water filtering, waterproofing, water circulation to name a few. You should do some homework before you think you can start your own. There are few experts who can give you this service at some charges.


Author: Ar Sushmita Ranjit

Designer: The vertical garden architect (indie)

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